How to Create a Miracle

How to Create a Miracle

They are many different types of miracles.  Some small, some big, some may appear insignificant some so big and seem so impossible or hard to believe that they bear the description of a miracle.  I think regardless or how big or how small, or area in our life, we all have the ability to create a miracle.  Let’s call creating a miracle the process of getting what you want.  Here’s how you create a miracle.

It starts with decision.  The day you can bring yourself to come to a decision is already an eventful day.  Incredibly exciting and emotional!  That day is already a mini miracle, well to be honest it’s a halfway miracle.  Most miracles start with inspiration or desperation and that brings you to a decision.  But decision by itself won’t do it.  Decision by itself won’t create the full miracle.  We all know that little story of the 3 frogs on a Lilly pad where 2 decide to jump and we are asked how many frogs do you have left?  We’ll you guessed it still 3.  The 2 frogs didn’t jump they only decided to jump.  So there’s more to it.  Yes its action.  But before action…

Comes being grateful for what you already have. Your abilities, your talents, your gifts, the abundant resources available to you!  Next comes belief, the faith the imagination, the thought of what is possible.  This is backed up by passion and by desire.  It’s reinforced by certainty, let’s just call it outright belief in what you want and can do.  But outright belief and faith in of itself doesn’t create a miracle.  It’s necessary for the process but it’s like hope.  Hope doesn’t create a miracle.  And so there’s more…

In comes the discipline.  The labor.  The laser focused hard work.  No miracle is possible without this part.  You can pray and pray and hope and hope but without disciplined focused action and hard work, nothing will happen.  You MUST intelligently apply everything you gather from the abundant resources combined with your gifts into focused disciplined action.  You can’t create a miracle by having your fingers crossed and hoping for the best.

As side note: And this is what bothers me about our Hispanic/Mexican American culture, which for the most part are deeply religious Catholics.  We hope and pray to God to fix our problems and send us blessings.  But this is naïve.  God is waiting for you to make something of the gifts and the abilities He’s already blessed you with since birth.  The angels and saints are not going to do it.  You have to do it.

This reminds me of the short story conversation of a man who came over to his gardener friend and said, “WOW you and GOD here have a beautiful looking garden.”  And the man said, “yes thank you, I hear what you are saying but you should’ve seen this garden when God had it all to himself.”  Lesson: Do your part.  Together you make miracles.      

Next come the battles that come with putting in the work.  The battles serve as more education and experience.  Use them!  At this point you must look at your mental, physical and emotional guidance system.  Your GPS if you will.  You must look at your GPS to stay on the same track or reroute and change direction.  And so you must measure your results and be flexible in your plans.  Within these battles come small victories, more little miracles.  You must continue to test and retest what’s working and what’s not working.  Success leaves clues.  You make the time to evaluate and absorb the truth of you current results.  The truth about the decisions you have made and where they’ve gotten you thus far.  A miracle is not possible without evaluating.  Much less repeat miracles.

With these small victories and struggles, you must possess and cultivate more humbleness of attitude and gratefulness.  Doing so results in compounding your small victories creating more mini miracles within the miracle.

And now finally you have achievement and great success!  But with that you also get another little miracle within the miracle.  And that is a roadmap.  A formula.  Now you can use this to your disposal to go after and capture anything else you want.  Create more miracles!  You want to know what’s really awesome and makes this process even better?  You can share this formula!!!  Bigger miracles!

At its core to create a miracle is simple.  So why doesn’t everybody super achieve?  Unfortunately it’s because it is that simple.  For others, it’s a little more saddening, they just don’t believe in miracles.  What about you?  Do you believe in miracles?

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